Things Work Out

by The Finks

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released December 28, 2012

all songs written and performed by OM
apart from the bits Sarah sings



all rights reserved


The Finks Melbourne, Australia

a fink is a fink is a fink

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Track Name: Walk It Off
said I did but I didn't say I'm sorry
I broke the lease I broke a collar bone trying to find my own way outta town

do not revel in your melancholy
some faces have a way of getting stuck guess it's just my luck I stuck around

said she'd follow me if I'd just let her
I was writing to a friend I know when she asked me so I took the offer up

but we never talked too much guess we knew better
you can tell alot about someone in the way they do the washing up

walk it off gotta gotta walk it off
walk it off think I'm gonna walk it off
walk it off kid you better walk it off
Track Name: My Year of Silences
little by little the little that you own all the jumpers you've outgrown
and the seeds you've never sown will convalesce into a home

little by little the little that you've seen will be suspended in a look
just something you read in a book the little that you've seen

little by little the little that you know will be swallowed in the flux
altho it's not so very much the little that you know

so tell me what you like
I'm told I'm quite polite
I'm a good listener

little by little the little ground you gain will all be lost by lack of sleep
the charming company you keep she treats you just the same

little by little the people that you know will all find use for you and then
they'll disappear again the people that you know

so tell me what you like
I'm told I'm quite polite
if just for this one night

little by little the little that you've said unintented but inferred
accidentally overheard I'd have lied if you preferred
Track Name: Emma Again
this is how it happened she came over
we watched a movie she took off her jumper
and leaned back into me her legs on the sofa
mine crossed beneath me makes it hard to get closer

after a while she said I'll go home I guess
do you know your way round here at night? she said
I said yep I said yes

there's no one to speak to we left behind brothers
best friends and house pets fathers and mothers
for an unfitted sheet and a night you cant sleep
so we just put on some clothes and we lay right down on the covers

I'm seeing emma again

if I say it I mean it but it's nothing special
and if we've never seen it then what good's potential
we're in her parents car I dunno where we are
but just wait and see I think I've got money for petrol

emma again seeing emma again
emma again seeing emma again

I'm seeing emma again
Track Name: Not A Dollar
it's just a kiss it's not a dollar
it's not a home a pair of shoes
it's not a game you win or lose
another privilege abused
it's just a kiss it's not a dollar

you take a drink to calm your nerves
you take a bath you tie your shoes
you walk outside to get some air
run your fingers through your hair
it's just a kiss it's not a dollar

so concentrate yourself on this
it's not immoral it's a kiss
only self-conscious once it's done
you cop a grin from everyone
it's just a kiss it's not a dollar

it's not a sin it's rarely fun
you wouldn't chose just anyone
it's just a kiss why would you bother
Track Name: Dull Days
when I saw you again playing drums in berlin
a hippy tie-dying lady had given you a bed

working on your singing voice your hair cut short like a boy's
you had one fist in your pocket and a chorus stuck in your head

now tell me: is it something you'll remember
when I see you come september

at the horizon you gaze you've been driving for days
you got yourself a new nickname if only I'd have known it

I changed from shorts into pants I grew all kinds of plants
I waited all through the winter for a day I didn't know yet

said I'll see you when the sun shines
but that only happens sometimes

these are the dull days
but I don't mind
Track Name: Being Me Is Easy
fish and chips in a country pub
you've got a beer I'm drinking lemonade
it's friday it's night disco night
they're playing early 80's hit parade

all the dads wearing hats and shorts

we check in late get a room out back
an armchair and a double bed
owner says I'll let you guys unpack
you're blushing like a newlywed

being me is easy

crosslegged in the kitchenette
listening to your favourite song
out of the shower your hair still wet
it's getting late but I could be wrong

you say what? I say nuthin
Track Name: My Ambition
I'd take a bus I'd take a train
I'd take the hit an ear I'd maim
I'd sell my soul I'd change my name
to hear you say you feel the same

a time to cheat to double cross
a time to break to steal to cuss
some lack direction then there's us
o we just sit here looking lost

I came back home I joined a band
I signed petitions lent a hand
a bain-marie by day I manned
from my ambition I ran I ran

o how you stare so vacantly
just take those off inside you'll see
although we're prone to disagree
no it's not them you want it's me

now wherever I go there is us
in socks we stole from business class
the shirt that fits the scene untouched
I'll only change it if I must

never remember what I've done
it's been the same since I was born
the keys I've lost the friends I've won
just turn my back and I'll be gone